Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church
Friday, September 17, 2021
Glorifying God...Expanding His Kingdom

Volunteer Opportunities

We want you to be part of our family, where we  help each other grow and serve God through giving of our time and talents.  You can Connect with us, Serve in our ministry and Grow in your relationship with God.   There are many opportunities waiting for you.


You Can Volunteer & Serve at WABC!

If Interested, call the Church Office at 254-3848 or contact the person listed



We need church members who will Volunteer in:



 1.  You can help with fundraisers for Centrifuge Camp or You can help drive our youth to scheduled off site events.   Contact our Youth Leaders:  DONNA GAINES or KELLY SCHILLINGER.

 2.  You can provide drinks and snacks for Wednesday night Bible study.  Contact our Youth Leaders: SUE KEENER or STEPHANIE STUPPERICH.



1. You can help in the Nursery (age Babies through Pre-K ) during Sunday Worship Service.  Contact our Nursery Care Coordinator:  GINGER TOOLEN.

 2. You can help with our Preschool Team Kids (age 3-K) on Wednesday night.  Contact our Preschool Team Kids Leaders:  AMANDA CAVANAUGH or JENNY POINTER. 

3.  You can help with Preschool Care on Wednesday night (age babies-2).  Contact our Preschool Care Leaders::  KATHY CROXTON or CINDI MARTIN. 



1.  You can help with our Children's Church during worship service (for Grades K-4th grade).  Contact our Children's Church Coordinator: CINDI MARTIN.

2.  You can help with our Children's Team Kids (Grades 1-6) on Wednesday night.  Contact our Children's Team Kids Leaders: JOYCE MILLIGAN or MARY COLLIER.



Are you interested in sports, activities and recreation?  Contact GEORGE STUPPERICH to find out how you can help with Children's Activities or Recreation.



Adults and Children can contribute to our worship service by singing in the choir and/or playing an instrument during regular services and special events.  Contact our Choir Director:   JAN TIMMINS.



You can lead a Life Group, where you could  strengthen, support and encourage one another about  life's lessons and to help others live out their faith.  This would be for a small group on Wednesday nights.  Contact our Discipleship Director, LANA NEWCOM. 



1.  If you have technology and/or social media experience you can help with our Technology Ministry.  Contact our Web Page Administrator: DENNIS EMMONS.

2.  You can help our Projection Team that includes, Audio, Sound and Visual during our regular services and special events.  Contact our Projection Team Coordinator:  AUSTIN BROADFOOT or Sound Tech: BRAD GAINES.



1.  If you would like to be in prayer for those in need, take home a prayer list and/or be on our Prayer Chain, contact our Prayer Chain Coordinator, JUDY FARIES.

2.  You can help our Elevator attendants on Sunday mornings before and after Sunday School and Worship Service.  Contact our Elevator Attendants, RANDY FRASER or KATHY ROGOZENSKI. 

3.  If you would like to be a Greeter or help with Guest Services, contact our Guest Services Coordinator, JIM FARIES. 

4.  You can help with Sunday morning transportation.  Contact our Transportation Coordinator, JUNIOR CASH.

5.  You can help in the Kitchen by cooking a dish for a funeral meal or preparing a meal and delivering it to a church member.  Contact our Kitchen Committee Chairman: MARY MILLER.

6.  You can help with decorations for the church worship service and special events and holidays.  Contact  the Chairman of the Church Decoration Committee, AMANDA OLIGER.

7.  You can help with church clerical work or mail outs.   Contact TAMMY at the Church Office.

8.  You can help with repairs and maintenance of the church building and grounds.  Contact  the Building and Grounds Committee Chairman: JUNIOR CASH.



1.  You can represent the Church and help in the community with local ministries and events.  If you are interested call the church office or contact our Community Ministries Chairman: DEBBIE ANGLETON.


2.  You can help with our Homebound Ministry by contacting homebound church members once a week.  Contact:  TAMMY at the Church Office.


3.  You can help with our Helping Hands Ministry by doing small house or car repairs/maintenance; or you can help someone move.           



4.  You can help provide transportation for those who need a ride to the Doctor or Hospital. 

Contact:  TAMMY at the Church Office. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  All workers with children and youth under age 18 are required to be a member of the church for at least six months, have submitted to a criminal background check and have been through our Child Protection Training and screening before they can work with minors in Sunday School, Nursery or leaders on events.