Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church
Monday, June 24, 2019
Glorifying God...Expanding His Kingdom

Sermon Outline

June 23, 2019


Mark 5:21-34


Proposition:  Everybody has issues that can be met by reaching out to Jesus.


I. Her Difficulty Verse 25.


II. Her DespairVerse 26.


III. Her Desperation. Verses 27-28.


IV. Her Deliverance. Verse 29.


V. Her Discovery. Verses 30-32


Jesus asked “Who touched my clothes?” Do you think that Jesus really didn’t know who touched Him, or what had happened? Whenever Jesus asks such a question, it isn’t for His benefit, but for the benefit of those around Him.  Do you know what kind of touch that was?  It was the touch of faith, and it didn’t matter where contact was made.


VI. Her Fear and Dread, Verse 33.


VII. Her Declaration. Verse 33.


She fell down at the feet of Jesus and “told Him the whole truth”. What was the purpose of her confession? Why do we need to speak out, and not be hidden in the crowd?


A. Four Reasons:


1. For the glory of God. 


2. For the good of Jairus.


3. For her own good.


4. For the good of others.


VIII. Her Dedication. Verse 34


She wasn’t just healed, she was made “whole”.  


Conclusion: Don’t miss the touch of Jesus in your life, it will make you  whole.


Sources: Max Lucado, Commentary on Matthew, History of Jewish law, The Talmud