Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church
Friday, September 17, 2021
Glorifying God...Expanding His Kingdom

Acts of Kindness in Love

In our "Acts of Kindness in Love Project" we are encouraging our members and attenders to do "Acts of Kindness in Love" to the people they encounter in their daily lives.  Loving your neighbor as the Bible says we should do, is meeting the needs of people we encounter in our daily lives or doing a small act of kindness for them.  We believe that "A small act of kindness done in love can make a big impact on people".  We encourage our members to do these small acts of kindness regularly to show God's Love.  We encourage them to do these acts solely out of love and that they do not want or expect anything in return.  It is a totally FREE act and done out of  love.  If someone  wants to know why we did this we simply say "I just wanted to show you God's Love in a small practical way" or give them an explanation card that explains why.  Explanation cards will be available at the church for you to pick up and hand out as you do your "Acts of Kindness."