Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church
Friday, September 17, 2021
Glorifying God...Expanding His Kingdom

Bible Study Groups

Sunday School


We believe that persons of all ages, whether preschoolers, children, youth or adults, can benefit from small groups that meet to study God's Word.  Our groups meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.  God's Word is our guide for living; and as we study it, we gain many truths and insights for living a life of meaning, purpose and happiness.  As a result of being involved in one of our Bible Study Classes, you will learn to apply God's Word to your life, make some new friends, gain spiritual support, find help from class members in time of need, and grow in your relationship with God.  We invite you and your family to participate in one of our classes this Sunday.
All workers with children and youth under 18 have been members for at least six months and have been through our Child Protection and Screening Process.
You and your children may enroll in one of our Bible Study Classes by sharing your desire to be enrolled with the teacher or one of your class members.  The teacher, or a class member, may ask you if you wish to be enrolled in their class.  Enrollment means you are willing to become a part of that Bible Study Class and you desire to meet with this group regularly for study of the Bible, support and prayer.  We have classes for all ages.

Preschool Division
Bed Babies & One's 
Location:      Education Building
Room #:        106

Two's & Three's  
Location:     Education Building
Room #:       105

Four's, Five's and Kindergarten

Location:    Education Building
Room #:       104

Children's Division
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade

Location:     Education Building
Room #:       103
4th, 5th, & 6th Grade

Location:    Education Building
Room #:      207
Youth Division

7th - 8th Grade

Location:     Education Building
Room #:       201
7th - 12th Grade 

Location:     Education Building
Room #:       201
Adult Division
Adut 1 - Ladies
Age:           Seventies & Up
Location:   Education Building
Room #:     102 
Adut 2 - Ladies
Age:           Sixties
Location:   Education Building
Room #:     208 
Adut 3 - Men
Age:           Sixties & Up

Location:   Fellowship Hall
Room #:     50 
Adut 4 - Ladies
Age:           20-60
Location:   Education Building
Room #:     204
Adut 5 - Co-Ed
Age:           Fifties
Location:   Fellowship Hall
Room #:     10 
Adut 7 - Co-Ed
Age:           Thirties & Forties

Location:   Education Building
Room #:     205
Adut 8 - Co-Ed
Age:           Twenties & Thirties
Location:   Education Building
Room #:     206 
Adut 8 - Co-Ed
Age:           College & Singles
Location:   Education Building
Room #:     209